Christian Hospitality Network


Christian Hospitality Network

Christian Hospitality Network (CHN) is a growing alliance of followers of Jesus Christ who embody kindness and generosity, and desire to use their enchanting places and engaging programs to restore and revitalize all who come their way. To help fulfill this purpose, CHN hosts the Internet’s most comprehensive directory of Christian-owned and operated bed and breakfasts, country inns, wilderness lodges, vacation cottages or cabins, and boutique hotels. These are all distinctive accommodations where the traveling public is warmly welcomed in the name of Jesus (sometime figuratively and sometime literally), and those serving the church around the world can find a rejuvenating getaway experience well within their means. 

Listen to Paul Cowell talk about why we started the Christian Hospitality Network

But at CHN, we not only about pointing people to these places we’ve mentioned for the reasons we’ve mentioned, we’re also about raising the awareness of Christian hospitality within the body of Christ—teaching its virtues and demonstrating its delivery. Toward this end we do seminars, write articles, and regularly put on first-class hospitality GetAways for those serving the church around the world. To say all of this another way, CHN exists to champion Christian hospitality, and build a world-wide network of accommodation facilities so no individual is more than a day’s travel from a haven of refuge and a rejuvenating experience.

Why we are here

The Need

The Christian Hospitality Network (CHN), a 501(c)(3) organization, is a growing alliance of followers of Jesus Christ who embody kindness and is dedicated to providing and encouraging Biblical Hospitality. The reasons behind the ministry include the pressing needs of full time Christian workers, and the Christian traveling public. Here are some surprising facts that are generally not well known.

  • The burnout rate among Christian workers is alarming. Hundreds of Missionaries and Christian workers drop out of Christian service each month, many for preventable reasons. Most often they just need some regular opportunities for rest, refreshment and renewal.
  • Seventy percent of Pastors claim they struggle with depression, much of which can be dealt with by times of rest
  • All Christian workers feel the need for a time of additional rest in a safe place.
  • The Christian traveling public in growing numbers, is searching for secure, porn free, places to stay. They too, need sanctuary when they hit the road for business or pleasure.

In addition, Hospitality can be powerful witness to the lost. Christian innkeepers have been called to hospitality. The Christian Hospitality Network is committed to bringing Christian workers, travelers and innkeepers together in a way that encourages everyone. We are continually working to find ways to carry “A cold cup of water in Jesus’ name.” Our main outreach comprises a network of over 700 B&B and Country Inns who see Hospitality as a Biblical Virtue. They agree to provide lodging free of adult rated viewing material and give substantial discounts to Missionaries, Pastors and Christian workers. We also provide regular Missionary GetAways giving times of rest to front line Christian workers overseas.


Since 1997

The Whitestone Country Inn was opened by Paul and Jean Cowell in 1997 with the primary motivation to provide rest for Pastors and Missionaries. Once they saw the response and transformative effect on church workers, the mission was expanded to create the Christian Hospitality Network. The Christian Hospitality Network exists to provide rest for church workers throughout the United States and take the mission of rest and renewal around the world through CHN Missionary GetAways.

We don’t just provide a time of rest but esteem them as heroes of the Christian faith and provide them much needed encouragement for the journey.