You have to be on your knees to see His eyes

One of my favorite preachers, Bruce Theilemann, told a story that I have remembered and retold for several years now. It goes like this:

Copenhagen is a nice city and there are many things to see there. But if I could only spend one day in Copenhagen, the place I would go to again would be the Church of Our Lady. That’s where the great Thorvalsen statues are located. When you walk into the church, it is dimly lit.

But after you are there for a few minutes your eyes adjust to the darkness and you begin to see the statues. They are carved out of cold stone, but they look like warm, living personalities – so warm, they melt your heart.

One statue, the Christus, stands with his arms extended. I walked up to the statue, and as I looked, I thought ‘his eyes are closed – he must be in prayer.’ A man who was sitting on the front pew whispered, “You have to get on your knees to see his eyes.“ I got down on my knees and looked up, and there was such grace, and mercy, and compassion in those eyes, that it was almost more than I could bear.

“You have to be on your knees to see his eyes “– you get where this is going? You have to get to a place where you can see the face of Christ. For Zacharias – it was a tree; for the woman with the issue of blood, it was touching the hem of his garment; for Mary Magdalene, it was at his feet. Pray as you can, not as you can’t. – But, by all means, pray and seek the face of Christ.

– Devotional from a friend of CHN

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