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Abigail Grand Victorian Whole House Rental

Abigail is a beautiful Victorian House in an Amish part of pure country upstate NY, Built in 1889 Abigail was always lived in, We thank God for that because it helped to keep her in good condition while living thru the harsh upstate winters. We have done careful renovation and updating to make the home very comfortable and livable. Abigail has a brand new kitchen and 3 brand new bathrooms. Abigail is a great place to get away and experience the real country life. 

6419 County Highway 18
Plainfield , New York 13491
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Contact Info:
Owners: Susan Ciarfello
Phone: 516-306-6216
Additional Info:
Rooms: 14
Room Comments:

Abigail has 5 bedrooms,

Upstairs the master bedroom has a king size bed and many windows along with a vintage chandelier.

Upstairs the Family bedroom has a tremendous vaulted celing and a large victorian window, it has a queen size bed and 3 single beds

Downstairs has a small bedroom with an antique full size bed. 

Upstairs in the servants quarters is a bedroom with a twin size bed.

Upstairs just off the staircase is a charming bedroom with a full size bed.  







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