Stillwater Ministries

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Stillwater Ministries

Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind, can one have an adequate perception of their world and faith.


Dedicated to wholeness and health for Christian ministry leaders.

[By avoiding solitude, silence, and reflection, we miss out on the opportunities for deeper communion with God. Solitude is the discipline that calls us to consciously pull away from everything else in our lives, for the purpose of giving our full and undivided attention to God.]

Stillwater Ministries is committed to the health, longevity, and effectiveness of those who lead and serve Christ and His Church.  We provide a comfortable and confidential context where pastors, missionaries, ministry leaders and ministerial servants can rest, rediscover their ministry passion, and refocus if necessary.  We pray and work so that our guests experience the renewal and restoration they need to continue in ministry and finish well. 

Toward that end, we invite our guests to stay with us free of charge for a period of 7 days, during which, they are pampered and loved.  They enjoy luxury accommodations in one of our lodge suites overlooking the beauty of Mount Adams.  They dine on gourmet meals around a table of leisure and rich conversation.  They have access to some of the finest recreation in the Pacific Northwest, often accompanied by a personal guide.  Guests can sleep, hike, fish, sight see, visit the local wineries, or simply relax in the quiet of this rural community.  Stillwater is a perfect place for rest, reflection, prayer, and renewal.

Please review our website for a complete understanding of our ministry and how we can serve you.

Owners : Randy & Anita Wirick
Continent : North America
Number of Rooms : 2
checkin : 2:00
checkout : 11:00
blackouts : All major holidays
Status : Active
Emergency Lodge : No
Long Term Stay Available : No