Old Corral Hotel & Steak House


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Originally built in 1872, The Old Corral Hotel & Steak House is a legendary piece of Wyoming’s Wild West history. Built as a corral and barn to hold horses and cattle during the cattle drives of the late 1800s, many a stagecoach and wagon would stop here during the great Western migration to rest and restock. Then, in 1875, a group of hunters came across pure gold outcroppings sticking right up out of the ground in the Snowy Range Mountains just a few hundred yards to our west. Within months, the population of this tiny spot on the trail swelled to over 5,000 people and the town of Centennial was born. Nowadays, travelers can enjoy the welcome respite the Old Corral has to offer much like travelers over 130 years ago did. Proprietors Richard & Gina Headrick invite you to enjoy our Old Corral Prospector Steak House at 2750 Scenic Highway 130, offering up scrumptious Western beef with all the trimmings for those tired of all the fast food stops on their journey.

Legacy Membership Level : Bronze
Legacy Membership Expiration : 2016-06-30
Owners : Richard & Gina Headrick
Continent : North America
Add Interested : No
fax : 866-OLD-CORRAL
Number of Rooms : 35
Currency Accepted : USD
Other Payment Types : No
room comments : The Old Corral Hotel & Steak House features 35 Western decor rooms with fantastic views of the Snowy Range Mountains and Centennial Valley. Each guest room features hand hewn log furniture, private bath/shower, television, phone and a window view.
posted : 22/03/06 12:35
Status : Active
Emergency Lodge : No
Latitude : 41.2983055
Longitude : -106.1416774
Authorized Editor : Richard & Gina Headrick
State : Wyoming
City : Centennial
Long Term Stay Available : No