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Hospitality Homes has provided a rest and hospitality ministry for hundreds of Christian workers. Hospitality Homes is our network of over 120 homes worldwide. These homes are privately owned by Christian hosts in the spirit of Romans 12:13 “Share with God’s people in need . . practice hospitality.” They are available to workers seeking spiritual and physical renewal at a nominal donation to the ministry. “Makahiki” is an ancient Hawaiian tradition where the warriors would take a rest from the battle. Our goal is to provide opportunities for those who battle for the faith to “come away” with Jesus and get some rest, to be restored, and to enjoy a “Makahiki.” See our website for all locations

Legacy Membership Level : Bronze
Legacy Membership Expiration : 2016-06-30
Owners : Hospitality Homes
Continent : North America
Add Interested : Yes
Currency Accepted : USD
Other Payment Types : No
posted : 16/04/09 08:28
Status : Active
Emergency Lodge : No
Latitude : 37.4849377
Longitude : -119.9662843
Authorized Editor : Billie Hair
State : California
City : Mariposa
Long Term Stay Available : No