Stories and quotes on how our work has impacted the lives of missionaries.


yourreflections 188I love my ministry in Asia but it comes at a cost and new responsibilities and realities in ministry are grueling. To rest, heal and fellowship together reminds us that Jesus said, "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." You helped remind me that too much of what I do may not be my burden to bear and you gave me the moment to remove my yoke and replace it with the yoke Jesus made just for me, a much better fit.


It was a great,timely belssing for me because I was about to quit from my calling. I was drained, tired physically,and emontionally. The homesickness was heavy, but hearing encouragement form my co-workers in Christ and having the very nice place to rest impacted me. I was refreshed totally and much blessed.


Just to be able to do "nothing" and relax in such a luxurious place that we could only dream about, was such a special treat and blessing!  Thank you to all who made it possible for this experience of a lifetime!  We will always remember this.


To know that 28 people flew to Thailand to honor and serve me, blew my mind. Usually I am always the one who honors others without anything in return (not only on the field).  but to receive honor was like pouring healing oil onto my soul. Thank you so much!


We appreciate the sacrifices, and the dedication to minister to the needs of incoming weary warriors. I have been thru a season of shake-quake-break as the Lord makes me even more dependent on Him than ever in 42 years of ministry, so it's good if there are soaking, healing prayer rooms that do anointed encouragement by declaration, proclamation and restoration needed by some who have been hit by warfare and challenges so many years.


CHN Missionary GetawaysIt's been a great time. At first, I wasn't used to having 'free time' and felt guilty that I wasn't doing anything. But it was during these 'free times' that I got to listen more to what God wants of me. I realized I missed having that kind of time with God, without having to think of work and schedule. It's been a great Get-Away with God!


This time together with my wife was really special.  We had some things we needed to talk about, but had not had the time or energy.  This experience gave us the time and energy to focus on those things in an encouraging environment covered in prayer. We are so thankful for the GetAway staff blessing us in this amazing way.  We hope and pray we may have another chance to go in the future.


It was a wonderful time to get out of the "work" environment and just relax. It was nice to eat food that I could trust, and not have to carefully prepare. It was also nice to be able to talk with people from my home state of Tennessee as well as other "m's" living in Asia. Thanks so much for giving me the chance to rest and refresh.


I am really thankful that we got the chance to be part of this GetAway. It helped us take a rest physically and think of God's purpose for us. My friends were encouraging us to relocate to ChiangMai and help them in their foundation for the last 3-4 years. After this experience, we finally decided to take a step of faith that by next year we will leave our jobs and ministry in Bangkok, Thailand and do volunteer work in my friend's foundation. To God be the glory.


I have been a missionary for 21 years and have never felt so cared for as in CHN. There are many requirements from agencies, churches, supporters and for ourselves, but CHN really thought of me as a person and brought me great joy and a feeling that someone cares.


The GetAway was a special time for my wife and I. We have 8 kids and it was only the 2nd time since we started our family that the two of us got away by ourselves. It was a very special time with old friends, some whom we hadn't seen in 10 years or more. We were also very blessed by the CHN team with their hospitality, generosity, and words of worship and encouragement each evening. Thank you all, it was truly a blessings and life moment event for us.


As a first time attendee, this was one of the most refreshing things I've done since moving abroad years ago. The compassionate and encouraging people from home (USA), others working in similar scattered situations and the clean and completely non-work related venue were a combined joy.



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