As I live my life, maybe as a bit of a control freak, I’ve always struggled with God’s timing. We each have our own desires. We want what we want when we want it, usually instantaneously. Some prayer requests are granted to us immediately; others, not so much. It’s been a season of prayer for me…mostly of wants. I’m aware that while I petition for these requests (wants), I’m also very thankful. While we want these requests answered yesterday, however they are answered, we also see God’s timing in His response. As for the prayers that go unanswered, we continue to pray, trusting that God’s timing is perfect. He loves us as His children and wants the best for us.

As Ecclesiastes reminds us, we go through all kinds of seasons in life. These past few months have been a particularly fearful time for people across the globe because of the unknown COVID-19 virus. But even in the midst of this season, we must remember that God hears us, knows what’s going on and will never forsake us.

Thank you, Lord that you hear all our prayers, and answer not in our time, but in yours.

– Margaret, a friend of CHN

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