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Williamsburg Sampler Bed & Breakfast Inn

The Williamsburg Sampler Bed & Breakfast Inn is the finest 18th century plantation-style colonial, and located in the City of Williamsburg's Architectural Corridor Protection District. Although this home was built in the year of the bicentennial, it captures the early American spirit of historic Colonial Williamsburg. This home will immediately gain your love with its warm atmosphere, tasteful decor, and fine carpentry. Professional Association of Innkeepers, Inc: "Congratulations on being selected Best Inn". This six-bedroom home complements the one located in the historic area, and is within walking distance. The rooms serve as wonderful replicas of an elegant Colonial Williamsburg home with the Helen-Marie Gallery of Antiques and Collectibles throughout this lovely home.
922 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg , Virginia 23185
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Contact Info:
Owners: Ike Sisane
Phone: 757-220-8011
Toll-Free: 800-422-8011
Additional Info:
Rooms: 4
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