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Inn at Barnum Point

A spectacular view of our salt water bay spreads out for miles, sometimes serene and calm, sometimes angry with white caps tipping the breakers as they follow the wind and tides. The Cascade Mountains surround the water, even Mt. Rainier peeks out from the clouds on many days, white with snow and often at sunset like a pink ice cream cone. No wonder the first question guests ask is: "How did you get this location?" (My grandfather found it in 1904). All windows have views, even from the bathrooms. This side of the island is known for spectacular sunrises, painting the sky in red, orange, pinks and yellows, and reflecting back into the water. We have memorable sunsets too. Rainbows, sometimes double, are common. Beauty is everywhere. The moving water and clouds are constantly changing the scenery. Night brings the stars and planets and moonbeams streaking across the water--even occasionally the Northern Lights. Our clean air lets you see through to the Milky Way.

464 South Barnum Road
Camano Island , Washington 98282
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Contact Info:
Owners: Carolin Barnum Dilorenzo
Phone: 360-387-2256
Toll-Free: 800-910-2256
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Rooms: 3
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