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Cottage by the Lake

Cottage by the Lake is a bed and breakfast retreat created exclusively for WOMEN! Are you an overloaded woman? Do you need a break from the cares of the world? There is no pressure at Cottage to do anything! Stay in your bathrobe all day, wear no makeup, sleep in till noon, read a book, take a nap, watch old movies, take the row boat out, swim in the lake in the summer, relax in the hot tub, rejuvenate in the pamper room and regroup with your friends. Come for alone time or come with friends for a slumber party. The view is awesome, the grounds are beautiful and the atmosphere is peaceful. Cottage is truly a warm and cozy home. If you are you a woman traveling alone Cottage is the ideal place for you!

2511 Carpenter Road SE
Lacey , Washington 98503
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Owners: Deanna Joyner
Phone: 360-459-1527
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Rooms: 1
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